Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yevo whole unprocessed food - No more "dead food"

Definition of dead food: Any food with all the enzymes, many essential nutrients, killed by processing or being heated over 116 degrees. Anything pasteurized or irradiated is "Dead Food". Yevo Food is never cooked
This is the same drastic diet change, as we have had since the 1900 era and especially since 1950, and further accelerated in the last five years.
Nearly all of your 35 Million Ancestors Ate nearly 100% Live food, no heat applied, to most. All enzymes and nutrients well and working. (Live).
Half of Pottenger's cats were fed a diet of raw meat and milk; the other half was fed cooked meat and pasteurized milk. (pasteurized milk is made into a dead food by government order.)
The cats that received the cooked and dead food developed degenerative diseases similar to those found in our society.
First differences appeared in six months, only the cats eating the cooked and processed food developed numerous health problems.
Subsequent generations suffered many more infections, (more severe with each generation) dental problems, vision problems, allergies, arthritis, skin problems, miscarriages, etc.
In the study of raw versus cooked meat, Doctor Pottenger found the raw-meat-fed cats were friendly, even-tempered, well coordinated, and resistant to infections, and even more resistant to fleas, and parasites."
Surprisingly Dr. Pottenger noted cat behavioral changes on the "dead food" diets,—including violent behavior." nervousness, even more viciousness"
All four generations of the cats on raw meat and raw milk groups remained healthy throughout their normal life spans.
However, the first generation of those cats eating dead processed food groups developed diseases and illnesses near the end of their lives. (sound familiar).
The second generation of dead processed food consumers, developed diseases and illnesses in the middle of their lives.
The third generation of all cats eating 100% dead and processed foods developed diseases and illnesses early in their lives and many died as early as six months of age.
There was no fourth generation in any of the dead processed food groups. They were no longer healthy enough to reproduce.
These are the same observable changes in the U.S. human population, with going to an almost 100% dead (cooked and processed) fast food. (junk food) diet, that has led to significant increases in the degenerative diseases now killing 85% of Americans, huge increases in obesity, allergies, diabetes, mental and behavior problems etc.
Dr. Pottengers dietary studies on more than nine hundred cats surprisingly found that those cats on 100% dead food, health problems developed and grew worse, with each subsequent generation eating the same poor "dead food" diet.
In other words the bad effect was handed down and multiplied to the next generation in a worse state of health.
This is where we are now, we are starting to see the effect of second and third generation handed down health degradation from dead processed food and man made chemicals diets.
United States is now 46th in Life Expectancy and the number is falling like a stone, since 1950.
With each generation, there was an increase in congenital bone and other abnormalities and a decrease in immune functioning leading to an ever higher percentage of "sick" cats.
Damage accumulated and by the third generation a big percent of offspring of cats eating "dead food" diets had developed allergies, skin disease, skull distortions, and whole list of unbelievable problems, with many still births.
By the fourth generation the cats on a diet of all "dead food" were essentially totally unable to reproduce. Essentially ending the study. Yevo is Whole Live undenatured food!
Doctor Pottenger in his subsequent book, calls for an adult human to consume 225 grams of fat per day, and an equal amount of protein. Pottenger states in his 1940's book, that "Fat is the energy fuel of the body."
In contrast government and others are recommending today, under 60 Grams of fat. You can see the result in the epidemic of diabetes and obesity in the U.S. as an outcome of those policy's and recommendations..
You can see people packed in any Doctors office waiting room, today the human "dead food" results, that Doctor Poettenger had with his "dead food" fed cats, with almost exactly the same results.
The medical society is reaping a bonanza, treating an ever increasing flow of resulting health problems and doing nothing to fix the problem at the source. There's always Amino acids and FGF in Laminine supplement.
This diet disaster fostered by the government is in the process and rapidly developing and will bankrupt the nation
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